Moon Love Bath is a safe haven for self-care driven candles and bath products, inspired by good vibes. An oasis to provide ease and calm the soul.

The idea of Moon Love Bath started in 2018 after the birth of my first daughter. I suddenly had more free time on my hands, and after connecting with people online through blogging, I realized that self-care is a struggle for so many of us. We often just keep going, without stopping to focus on what our body, soul, and mind truly need.

So, I started hand-crafting an all-natural, vegan candle line, which quickly grew to include our bath, body oil, and body butter lines, as well. With every product, I’m hoping to create an experience for the customer - whether that’s stress relief or relaxation, in order to care for the body as a whole. Mental and emotional health has been a journey for me, and Moon Love Bath is my own personal form of self-care. I’m so proud of these products, and I think you will love them, as well. You’re worth caring for! 



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