Good afternoon!

Our sale will begin Tuesday, November 23rd at 4 pm EST! The store will close Sunday for maintenance as we prep for the sale!

Our entire store will be 25% off! We will be introducing a new skin care line as well as a restock of you favorite crumbles and updating our Wizarding World collection.

Spicy Senpai's collection will also be updated including the characters Nanami, Gojo, Toji, Geto, and my personal favorite Sukuna! AoT character's will also be added; including Hange, Mikasa, and Erwin.

If you have a character request please drop that in our contact/ request box! 

Orders placed before the sale are continuing be processed, as we also make all the new merch! If you have any questions about you're order do not hesitate to email us at help@moonlovebath.com! We will answer as quickly as possibly!

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