Those of you who have made requests, I have seen and I want you guys to know, you are being heard! I do work with a couple artists and a lot of the art does take time especially when I am working on groups of anime. I am working hard to release them in a timely manner and I will continue to make updates for animes that have already been released. I do not currently have exact release dates but I can tell you what is currently in the works!

Animes/Characters being released in this order (subject to change):

Naruto: Naruto, Sasuke, Madara, Itachi

Bungo Stray Dogs: Chuuya, Akutagawa, Doppo, Atsushi

Genshin: Kaeya, Diluc, Itto

Demon Slayer: Tengen, Giyu, Rengoku (Tanjiro, Nezuko, Zenitsu, Inosuke)

Tokyo Revengers: Hanma, Mitsuya, Chifuyu

AoT: Connie, Reiner, Annie

Jujutsu Kaisen: Choso, Yuta and (art being updated for: Yuji, Megumi, and Inumaki)

My Hero Academia: Dabi, Hawks, Aizawa, All Might, Endeavor (Bakugo, Shoto, Deku)

Haikyu: characters are not completely decided. I will probably post when I make the calendar.

As a side note, any present day characters who are minors will not be included in Spicy Senpai but are official getting their own collection called Kickass Kouhai. 

I hope to post an updated calendar soon! 


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Tokyo Revengers Available September 27



I love the products you make, it’s ultra stylish and original


I love this shop men




Can I get nezuko and tanjior??

Roxana Castillo

I love your stuff❤


I love your videos an I fallow you and I a big fan


Hii 💗💗 I’m french


I was wondering if you would add more girls to the linen spray’s. For example some that I would like to see Mitsuri from demon slayer, zero two from darling in the Frank’s, and lastly Misa from death note.
Thank you 😊


Hello, you were on my fyp and i’d like to buy the spray thingy BUT i was wondering if you had any one piece specifically Sanji related something ;-; if you dont Do you think someday you’ll ad one piece boys?

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